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ECHO2 Plus™ Oxygen Treatments

Oxygen Treatment

As the human body ages, it begins to lose its ability to retain and use oxygen.  Oxygen stimulates the growth of healthy new skin cells and without the proper amount of oxygen at the cellular level, the skin begins to break down and age prematurely.

ECHO2 Plus™ Oxygen Treatments utilizes a unique four-step process which cleanses, nourishes and revitalizes skin cells through the use of pure oxygen.

The facial treatment begins with gently exfoliation to remove dead skin cells. A solution is then applied to cleanse, tone and condition the skin. Once the skin is conditioned, a unique process known as Osmotic Hydration is performed and a topical vitamin-enriched mask is massaged into the face.  The mask moisturizes skin cells just beneath the epidermis. Once the hydration process is complete, oxygen along with vitamins A, C and E and 87 other minerals, enzymes and amino acids are propelled deep into the lower or dermal layer of skin through a soothing vapor mist.

Following treatment, the skin appears softer, more supple and revitalized. The ECHO2 Plus™ Oxygen Treatments benefits all skin types and can be combined with other facial rejuvenation treatments.

For teens or adults who are experiencing active acne, the ECHO2 Plus™ Oxygen Acne Treatment can provide the healing nutrients their skin needs. The Acne Treatment combines the revitalizing compounds with proven acne-fighting ingredients like salicylic acid and lactic acid to cleanse pores and remove impurities associated with outbreaks. For optimal results, it is recommended that a series of acne treatments be performed in conjunction with using a simple at-home skin care program designed specifically for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What skin types and conditions benefit from the Echo2 Plus™ Oxygen Treatment?

The Echo2 Plus™ Oxygen Treatment benefits all skin types and conditions including:

  • Active acne
  • Rosacea
  • Oily or combination skin
  • Dull, dry complexions
  • Mature skin
  • Visible signs of aging

The treatment is also beneficial and very soothing following a chemical peel, microdermabrasion treatment, laser resurfacing or facial surgery.

What can I expect after an Echo2 Plus™ Oxygen treatment?

Your skin will immediately feel smoother, softer and more hydrated. Following treatment, some people may experience slight redness or facial flushed, which usually dissipates within a few hours. This redness or flushed appearance may be due to the rapid delivery of oxygen and vitamins to the skin.

What type of aftercare does the Echo2 Plus™ Oxygen treatment require?

There is no special aftercare required. You should continue your daily skin care regime including daily use of a sunscreen with an SPF 30 or greater.