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Hair Reduction
Electrolysis is for women and men, with unwanted hair growth, who want and desire smooth hair-free skin.  Hair can safely and permanently be removed from almost any part of the body including eyebrows, upper lip, breasts, abdomen, bikini line, legs and back.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Electrolysis work?

The procedure requires the use of a medical device called an epilator.  This device destroys the hair’s growth center by applying a shortwave radio frequency to its root.  To accomplish this, a trained technician inserts a fine probe into the opening of the hair follicle at the skin’s surface.  The dead hair is then removed with tweezers.

What can I expect during the treatment?

A slight, temporary reddening of the skin occurs during or immediately after the treatment.  The procedure has been described as a tingling sensation rather than painful.  How it feels, to you, depends on the area treated and your tolerance for discomfort.

How often must I be treated?

Most hairs must be treated more than once to permanently destroy the growth center.  Also, hairs may be dormant at certain times of the year.  For this reason, we recommend 15 minute to one hour treatments (depending on the area of the body) at one-week intervals for several months.

What can I expect?

The results you want with smooth beautiful skin.