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Acne & Scar Treatments

Acne & Scar Treatments
Don’t hide your acne & scars – get rid of them.

At Clinical Skin Care Center, we provide acne & scar treatments using only the latest technology to help patients achieve the beautiful and even-textured complexion and say good-by to acne or scars.

Restore your clear skin and reverse scarring with our acne & scar treatments. Your skin has an endless ability to heal. Scars are areas that have incorrectly healed (in this case, because of inflammation from the acne). Very tiny holes create a new pathway for your skin to replace abnormal scarred skin with normal smooth skin. Examples of the acne & scar treatments we offer: Laser Facials, LaserPeel, Refirme®, Acne Laser, Photo Facial, Microdermabrasion, Micro-needling, Fillers.